Our mission is to provide a platform for change, knowledge sharing, and advanced grower education at the highest level. By joining The Green Link, individuals gain access to the best tools and specialised growing methodologies, enabling them to flourish and develop optimal solutions for a future that demands fresh ideas and sustainability. In a world grappling with age-old taboos, food shortages, climate change, and a longing for stronger community bonds, we recognize the urgent need for innovative approaches and a stronger sense of interconnectedness.

The Green Link serves as a conduit for the cannabis culture, which has long advanced horticultural technology and knowledge in the shadows. It’s time to step into the limelight and bring this culture’s expertise and insights to the forefront. Through our partnership, we invite others in related areas to join us on this journey. Together, we can cultivate a modern philosophy of sustainable cultivation, nourishing it with knowledge and fostering its global reach.

Our shared commitment is to foster green thoughts, green words, and green actions. At The Green Link, we believe that we are shaped by what we grow. Through our collective efforts, we strive to establish a common keyvisual signature, symbolising the strength and synergy of our partnership. This visual identity represents the power of collaboration and demonstrates our brands’ unwavering dedication to sustainability and excellence.

Welcome to The Green Link, where innovation meets passion, and together, we drive the sustainable revolution that will shape the future of cannabis and horticulture.


The Green Link is a vibrant platform that brings together individuals seeking to connect with experienced growers and fellow enthusiasts within the cannabis community. By fostering meaningful connections, we create an environment where users can learn, share knowledge, and collaborate to elevate the quality of their cannabis cultivation.


At GreenLink, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with the necessary skills to grow cannabis of exceptional quality. Through our website and carefully curated content, we provide valuable resources, expert insights, and detailed guidance, allowing users to enhance their understanding and techniques. By learning from both GreenLink and fellow community members, individuals can cultivate cannabis that surpasses expectations in terms of flavour, potency, and overall excellence.


The Green Link is committed to nurturing personal growth and helping individuals cultivate cannabis of the highest calibre. With our focus on education and community, users can unlock their full potential as growers. By applying the knowledge gained through GreenLink’s resources and engaging with other passionate cultivators, users can refine their methods, experiment with innovative techniques, and consistently produce cannabis that exceeds their own standards. Together, we strive for continuous improvement and a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of cannabis grown by our community.


German Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Use

Germany has achieved a significant drug policy milestone by legalizing recreational cannabis for personal use 🌿 Cannabis Growing | Regulated Growing | THC 🍃

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Vertical Farming – Risks and Rewards 🌱

Vertical farming is a game-changing approach to agriculture that is reshaping how we produce food in urban settings. 🥦 Cultivation Sustainability 🌾

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Illuminating the Challenge of Accurate Information for LED Plant Growth Lights 🌿💡

Challenges faced by consumers and the importance of providing accurate information in the realm of LED plant growth lights. ☘️ Cannabis indoor market 🌿

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Royal Queen Seeds is a renowned brand in the cannabis industry, known for its commitment to producing premium-quality cannabis seeds and genetics. With a rich heritage and a team of dedicated experts, Royal Queen Seeds ensures consistent excellence and genetic stability in their products. Their extensive catalogue offers a wide variety of strains suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Backed by years of experience and a passion for innovation, Royal Queen Seeds is a trusted source for growers seeking reliable genetics and exceptional results in their cannabis cultivation endeavours.

Lumatek Lighting is a leading brand in the horticultural industry, specialising in innovative lighting solutions for indoor plant cultivation. With a reputation for excellence and cutting-edge technology, Lumatek has established itself as a trusted name among professional growers and enthusiasts alike. Their high-quality lighting systems deliver optimal spectrum and intensity, maximising plant growth and yield while promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Whether you’re a commercial cultivator or a passionate home grower, Lumatek Lighting provides the tools and expertise to elevate your indoor gardening experience to new heights.

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